Things to understand about CVID19

This covid19 Corona virus has frightened the whole nation since it was started from Wuhan China where almost 3500 people lost their live where now this corona as we speak Put people not to Ieave their houses and Stay indoors until this virus is well controlled or managed by form of scientific means

Truly this Monster (covid 19) scared the world that includes the powerful people you can ever imagined they are Quarantined and look weaks and desponded , so where is our help ?because even the Church leaders people of faith were caught by surprise about this they never seen it coming some prophesying i see success happening lsee Marriage, see Cars and I see this and that but they never seen this coming .and everyone is uncertain if tommorow will come life is a nightmare GOD forbid .

The Numbers everyday is rising people are losing lives all is distress we are living in hope some our source of income is not real, then the reality start to kick in What must we do ?all is lock down home sitin not even allowed to go for a Jog to at least stay more healthier people are Panic buying shopping everything and emptied the supermarket and left it dry and denying the most vulnerable those who has little to get at shops


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My heart bleed when I think if this virus can sneak in to the less fortunate people who lives In hand to Month who lives mostly in poverty who even to support their families becomes a burden because of their less resouses and enequalities that people found themselves in
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youtube will be defaulting their videos from SD (standard defination)

Why youtube decided that ? is because it believes that it will ease the load in their ISP because alot of people will be staying home due to lockdown in relation with corona Virus that is causing a major upset to many nations of the world

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Most of this country are the major economies of the world the likes of America, Uk , Italy, Spain,China and even South Africa in African countries.
some critics thinks that Standard defination consumes less data because is 480p compares to (HD)Highdefination wich consumes 1080p of Pics or video that took more data .in some countries data is quite expensive because watching movies wich is an hour and half Cost more on data
Onother Critics thinks that this standard defination will limit number of people watching youtube as all number of people will be at home doing nothing but watching tv and streaming sites like youtube Netflix and the likes.